Diaspora Resources

General Returnee Preparation

Think Home: A Reentry Guide for Christian International Students. Lisa Espinelli Chinn. Intervarsity Press

Back Home—Daily Reflections on Re-entry. Lisa Espinelli Chinn.  Intervarsity Press

Think Home, UCCF / Friends International. A workbook to help you prepare international students for their return home.

Specific Returnee Preparation

Church Finders

Training and Retreats

It’s not as easy as one might assume to go home again. It can be especially difficult to know how to live as follower of Jesus in your home country. OMF provides training, retreats and conferences for East Asian believers returning to their home countries.

If you are a believer preparing to return to East Asia or work with believers who may return soon, please contact us for more information about possible retreats and conferences near you.

Discipling a Mobile Global Mission Force

From first contact with a new culture to return home as a believer in Jesus Christ: this video series gives insight into ministry to East Asians on the Move.

(Chinese, English, Dutch,German subtitles)


3. Understanding

1. Culture Shock

4. Preparing to Return

2. First Contact

5. Back to Asia

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