Resources for Returnee Ministry

Here are some materials that we’ve found very useful when serving among East Asians.


The Bible Society (UK) has a range of East Asian language bibles:

Bible Gateway Online

Workbooks & courses

Resources for those returning to Asia

Think Home: A Reentry Guide for Christian International Students 
Back Home—Daily Reflections on Re-entry
Both by Lisa Espinelli Chinn
Intervarsity Press

Returnee Handbook—海归手册
Available in English and Chinese Simplified—written for Mainland Chinese Returnees
Published by Overseas Campus Magazine and CEF
Call to order 310-328-8200

New Horizons—Adjusting to Life Back Home
By International Students, Inc.

Home Again—Preparing International Student to Serve Christ in Their Home Countries
By Nate Mirza
Dawson Media—a ministry of Navigators

Returning to China—An Equipping Guide for Chinese Christians Returning Home. 
China Outreach Ministries (COM)

Salt and Light—Lives of Faith that Shaped Modern China.
Three volumns
By Carol Lee Hamrin and Stacey Bieler
Pickwick Publications

Cross Cultural Reentry—A Book of Readings. 
By Clyde Austin, ed.
Abilene Christian University Press, 1986

International Student Reentry—A Select, Annotated Bibliography
By Leiton Chinn
NAFSA: Association of International Educators Publications, 1992


  • The Geography of Thought: How Asians and Westerners Think Differently… and Why, Richard Nisbett, £9.99.
  • Welcoming International Students in your Church, Friends International, £1.50.


  • ESOL Teaching Material Complete curriculum for teaching English to speakers of other languages, free. Visit
  • GoodSeed Materials Material in various languages for those who know little or nothing about Christianity. Visit


  • e-Sword (free Bible software for PC in English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Thai…) including Commentaries, Dictionaries, Devotions, Graphics and Topic Notes…
  • The Word (free Bible software for PC in every language) including Cross-Reference support, Non-Bible Resources, Best Searching Engine, Greek and Hebrew support. Expanding Library…
  • Bible Explorer (free Bible software for PC and Mac)
  • Eloquent (free Bible software for Mac, similar like e-Sword)
  • The Bible (Multilingual in Chines, English, Dutch, German, Japanese, Korea… for IOS, free)
  • Bible (Multilingual, including audio Bibles, for iOS, free)
  • Bible! (from Logos Bible Software, for IOS, free)
  • Free Audio Bible download (Multilingual)
  • Digital Bible Society 信仰宝库 free CD and SD Chip (in English and Chinese), free for copy

OMF Diaspora Videos

This series of videos show the challenges that face a person living overseas, hearing and understanding the Good News, preparing to return home as a believer and living in their home culture as a follower of Jesus.

Download these videos at

(Press the “CC” button for Chinese, English, Dutch or German subtitles.)

Diaspora Overview

1. Culture Shock

2. First Contact

3. Understanding

4. Preparing to Return

5. Back to Asia