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September is the global month of prayer for East Asians on the move!

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Five Key Requests for East Asians on the Move

  • People are often more open to the gospel when they are in a new land. Pray that East Asians would hear the gospel while they are overseas and believe!
  • The church can show Christ’s love through welcoming internationals and helping them adjust to their new environment.  Pray for divine appointments for those arriving and for the church to be bold in witness.
  • Pray that East Asians would not just be introduced to Christ while they are in another land, but would be soundly discipled and hear God’s calling to their own people as well as to other groups in need of the gospel.
  • Sadly, an estimated 80 percent of new Christians from East Asia who return to their home countries (“returnees”) do not continue in the church.  Pray against all efforts of the enemy to snatch away the word of God that has been sown in the hearts of East Asians as they return home.
  • Pray that the fear, suspicion, misunderstanding and prejudice that often divide different groups would not infect the church.  Praise God for efforts to build the unity of the body of Christ across racial and cultural divides

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Cover of Japanese prayer guide

世界中を移動する東アジア人のために祈りませんか? この時代に神様が建て上げておられる宣教のうねりのために祈りましょう

We invite you to pray for East Asians On the Move.  Pray for the growing global mission force that God is building in our generation.



Cover of Chinese prayer guide



Ostasiaten Unterwegs

Cover of German prayer guide

Wir laden Sie dazu ein, nur fünf Minuten am Tag, fünf Tage lang, für fünf strategische Anliegen für Ostasiaten in der Diaspora zu beten.

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