The urban population in China is set to reach 1 billion by 2030.

We long to see China’s cities transformed by Jesus from the inside out, that every one of The Urban Billion may know the one who made them and loves them.

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Urban China


China’s Urban Population

1990: 300 million (29% of China population)

2010: 670 million (50% of China population)

2030: 1 billion (71% of China population)

Growing Number of Cities

By 2025: 220+ cities with populations greater than 1 million

  • The future leaders of the world’s most populous nation are in China’s big cities experiencing their formative years
  • 25 million people are migrating each year to the cities, what they experience there will eventually influence their home communities
  • Families are torn apart as parents head to the cities to find a better future, leaving their children in the countryside
  • Chinese who become Christians abroad return to China’s cities and struggle to find churches where they can grow, mature and thrive
  • Cross paths with China’s future leaders as you teach English or other subjects at China’s universities
  • Be involved in business and bear witness to Christian ethics and values
  • Reach out through mercy ministries to the marginalized who flock to China’s cities looking for a better future
  • And more

How can I get involved?


Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep in the know about issues and prayer concerns for The Urban Billion.

PRAY brings together the latest prayer material from Urban China and East Asia in one place. You could even join or start your own prayer group for The Urban Billion.


See The Urban Billion for yourself.  A vision trip is a great way to experience first-hand life in Urban China, interact with people serving there, and pray on location.  Come back home more equipped to serve The Urban Billion on your doorstep.


Want to get even more involved with The Urban Billion?  Go on a short-term trip and gets hands-on experience sharing Christ’s love in Urban China.  Or even look into long-term opportunities to live and serve in China’s cities.

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