Skylands, Tibetan Influenced Peoples

What is God doing among the peoples influenced by Tibetan Buddhism in China, Mongolia, and Bhutan?

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Skylands – A Journey Among Tibetan Buddhist Peoples

Among mountains, deserts, high plateaus live 15 millions people influenced by Tibetan Buddhism. Some of the world’s most remote people. Most have never heard of Jesus Christ.

Veterinarians for Mongolia: Meeting Needs

For centuries, nomadic herding and raising livestock have been central to the Mongolian way of life. Even today, as Mongolia undergoes rapid urbanization, livestock still outnumber people by almost 12 to one. Meat (especially mutton, beef and goat) and dairy products are the mainstays of the Mongolian diet and also form a good percentage of [...]

Christmas in Mongolia

Kirk and Esther Lynn Matthews have been investing in the Mongolian church for the past 21 years. They have witnessed the church’s formative years; fewer than 10 known believers existed in 1990 and now the Mongolian church comprises more than 40,000 Christ-followers. Mongolians largely recognize the New Year over Christmas, but the Christmas celebrations that [...]

Mongolians: From Conquering to Commissioning

Mongolians are historically legendary warriors, forging an empire spanning from the Pacific Ocean across Asia to Eastern Europe. Genghis Khan has been called the ‘Man of the Millennium.’ How could an illiterate man from an insignificant tribe be such a masterful military tactician? Mongol armies wore light, flexible chainmail and moved quickly on horseback. They [...]

New Media, New Methods

Dalha is the first in her family ever to attend high school. She loves the culture and traditions of her homeland up in the mountains, but at school in the county town Dalha is beginning to discover other ways of seeing things. It all started when a classmate showed her a video on her phone. [...]