Over 100 million people from many different ethnic groups; a living tapestry of cultures.
We long to see China’s Silk Road regions blessed by the abundant love of God.

along the Silk Road, home to mostly Uigher people, boys herding sheep down tree-lined road


The scenery along China’s Silk Road is incredibly beautiful. It is home to  snow-peaked mountains, vast grasslands, snowmelt-fed rivers, sun-ripened vineyards,  windblown deserts, bountiful orchards and fragrant melon fields.

Thank God for the beauty of the land, and of the people who live there.

“He has made everything beautiful in its time.”   Ecclesiastes 3:11

Carpet merchant


Whether it’s the ingenious felt tents of the Kazaks and the Kyrgyz, the finely crafted knives of the Bonan or the date and grape farming folklore of the Uyghurs, China’s Silk Road is brimming with cultural heritage and wisdom.

Praise God for these rich cultures.

Pray for Silk Road peoples to find a good balance between their ethnic heritage and life in modern China.

Pray that they will have opportunities to hear about the teachings of Jesus.

City rider


By 2030, one billion people will live in China’s cities. Many of China’s Silk Road peoples are caught up in this migration wave. Daily life in one of China’s metropolises is very different from the nomadic or village culture where many Silk Road people grew up. Work, home, language and rest can be very different in a city, and it can be difficult for migrants to settle well.

Pray for Silk Road migrants to big cities.

Pray for good work opportunities to support themselves.

Pray for friends to care for their hearts.

School kids


Education in China is free up to age 15, but it is still difficult for rural families along the Silk Road to achieve academically. Village schools have fewer resources, so many children board at town or city schools from a young age. Others are left behind in the country to live with relatives and attend a village school, while their parents earn money in the city.

Many Silk Road children learn in Mandarin Chinese at school, but speak their ethnic language at home. Many Silk Road parents aren’t able to help their children with homework because their level of Mandarin is too low.

Pray for good educational opportunities for China’s Silk Road children.

Pray that they will get the support and encouragement they need.

Pray especially for good support for children who live apart from their parents, and who have to cope with multiple languages.



China’s Silk Road is home to many different ethnicities, each with their own language, culture, lifestyle and outlook. This amazing diversity of the Silk Road sets it apart from most other parts of China. Sadly, miscommunication and distrust can surface very easily between groups.

Pray for respect, peace and positive communication between ethnic groups along the Silk Road.

Pray for community leaders to model wisdom, grace and harmony.

Silk Road merchant


China is changing fast. New technologies are sweeping across the country, wave after wave. Traditional ways of making money don’t necessarily work any more for Silk Road people. They have to adapt fast to find new ways to provide for their families.

Pray for working adults along China’s Silk Road who are finding that their skills and qualifications no longer count in today’s marketplace.

Pray for wisdom and guidance as they choose new training and search for work.

Thank God for innate entrepreneurial skills among some Silk Road peoples.

Pray that entrepreneurs will find businesses that can succeed.

Pray that they will act justly in their business deals.

“What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”    Micah 6:8


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