China’s Belt and Road Initiative

China’s Belt and Road Initiative began in 2013. It is an international project that focuses on improving infrastructure and international trade along the old Silk Road trade routes. As well as the Silk Road regions, the Belt and Road Initiative also includes a “belt” of countries linked by ancient sea trade routes. Hence the name, “The Belt and Road”.


As of 2017, the Belt and Road initiative stretched from China through central Asia to Europe and Africa to include 68 countries. These countries represent 65% of the world’s population. At this point, The Belt and Road Initiative is probably the largest investment project in history.

(Statistics from Wikipedia)

Unprecedented Development

China describes The Belt and Road Initiative as a “brand of cooperation”, characterised by peace, openness, inclusiveness and shared development. The Belt and Road Initiative is bringing unprecedented development to large sections of China, as well as trade, improved infrastructure and cultural exchange which are unfolding beyond China’s borders.

Read more on the China Daily News website.

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