Can you give a few minutes each day during Ramadan to pray for the people who live on China’s Silk Road?

Join people around the world in praying for God’s grace to fill this region.

This printable prayer guide has cultural information about these beautiful people, and daily prayer points to help us to pray for them.

Ramadan prayer meeting printable

Ramadan Prayer meeting powerpoint

Could you encourage your church or prayer group to pray for China’s Silk Road during Ramadan?

These prayer guides have stories from local people, prayer meeting ideas, and easy to use prayer points.

Use an entire guide for a whole prayer meeting, or choose just one section for a short “prayer slot”.

Meet some of the people who call this region home

along the Silk Road

China’s impressive Belt and Road Initiative

China road

How could your skills be used to bless this region?

Learning Chinese calligraphy

Have you ever wondered how you could bless people at the “Ends of the Earth”? Parts of China’s Silk Road regions are further from the sea than anywhere else on earth. We believe prayer is one of the greatest ways we can bless people in our world. And that’s especially true for those who are furthest away from us.

Can you take our five day prayer challenge, and see how God answers as you engage with Him in prayer?

Five days of prayer for the Silk Road

Stories from the Silk Road

Two Dollars

马文凯, MaWenKai came home last night. He’s been my husband for seven years, and in all that time he’s never held down a job for more than six months. He travelled to the north-east for work. He was supposed to come back with a bank card full of money. Lots of people from our area [...]

Marking the End of Ramadan: Happy Eid

"Eid-al-Fitr is the three-day festival that marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan for my family and thousands of other Muslim families in China. The Best Clothes Early on the first day of Eid-al-Fitr I will lead the family in ceremonial washing, after which, for this very special day, we put on our [...]

The Best is Yet to Come

Hi, I’m Ehmet, and I must be the happiest young man in China. The results for the biggest exam of my life have just come back, and… I’ve been accepted to a major university in central China. I can’t believe it! All my dreams are coming true. My parents have worked long hours and done [...]

Dancing Dreams

The room spins and spins. Clapping hands, splashes of color on bright dresses, the light tones of the dutar strumming faster and faster. Our whole family is dancing and laughing. It's a local festival, and we are so happy, celebrating together. I haven’t been happy like that in a long time. My parents divorced when [...]

Crazy for Languages

I sit in front of the mirror in my university dormitory, stretching my lips and sticking out my teeth. “Tenn-goh. Ben-tay. Seen-koh. Awn-yos.” There is giggling behind me, and nervous whispers. Then a voice shoots out in Mandarin, “你疯了吗?” Are you crazy? I turn around quickly to reassure my anxious dorm-mates. I’m not crazy, I’m [...]

Divorce show-down

I studied the very young husband, then the wife, looking for signs that they were listening to me. Would they still follow through on their divorce? “You must have only been married for a year or two. Give it another try. Don’t throw away your youth like this.” I turned back to the Registry Office [...]