Our Vision

By God’s grace we see communities of disciples who are following Christ in every aspect of life

and multiplying throughout Cambodia and beyond.

Our Mission

To glorify God by the urgent evangelization and discipleship of the peoples of Cambodia.

University lecturer


We engage the future leaders of Cambodian society during their university years, helping them become critical thinkers, problem solvers, nation builders, ground breakers in their professions, and faithful followers of Jesus Christ.


Civil Servants

God has provided an incredible opportunity to speak into the lives of government employees and officials. We provide interaction with foreigners in their work, a better understanding English-language documentation, teach them English skills to help them in nation-building, and share the message of hope and eternal life found in Christ.

This ministry is based in Phnom Penh, nation’s capital city of two million plus inhabitants and the center of government, commerce, culture and education for Cambodia.



The Fellowship Churches of Cambodia is an independent association of evangelical churches across Cambodia. We provide them with support and training, visiting churches which no longer have a missionary presence.



Cambodia is one of the least developed countries in East Asia in terms of healthcare. There are numerous opportunities to both provide direct patient care to the Cambodia people and partner with national providers, helping improve their skills and ability to care for their nation.

Our team includes a range of physicians, surgeons, dentists, nurses, therapists, nutritionists, and other health professionals. We work in a wide range of settings from medical and dental schools, government hospitals and centers, non-government organizations, a Christian hospital, Mercy Medical Center, and in villages throughout the country. We care for the poor, the rich, the disabled, and the marginalized. We teach professional students, health professionals, villagers and each other. But our purpose is to see people come to faith in Christ, to encourage those who believe, to role-model what it means to be a Christian professional and glorify God with our lives.

Neak Leung church

Neak Loeung

The church at Neak Loeung, located in Prey Veng province at the crossroads of the Mekong River and the highway to Vietnam, has grown and matured beautifully. A local believer who recently returned from his pastoral training in the Philippines, is gradually taking over responsibilities for the church ministries and kindergarten program along with the church committee. The last remaining missionaries who helped plant the church twelve years ago, plan to move on to new ministry opportunities in 2015.

tuk tuk driver

Ou Reang Ov

We minister in the rural community of Ou Reang Ov, the main town of the Kampong Cham Province district with the same name, through various church-based student and adult ministries: English, cooking and guitar lessons, church leadership training, adult discipleship, youth group, and children ministry. Our goal is through building good relationships with the community, the Gospel will be advanced in the hearts of the Cambodian people.

cambodia man

Prey Tia

Prey Tia, which is on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, is like a grey zone because there are many factories and many people from countryside. Villagers often stay a short time, moving into central Phnom Penh, and many people from the countryside live with uncertainty about whether they’ll “make it” in the city. The church group provides stability in their lives – in addition to Sunday worship, fellowship and prayer, we lead small group discipleship groups, visit people in their homes and host teams which provide services and special programming.

rural church building


Imagine reaching a minority population in Cambodia who have not had a chance to hear and respond to the Gospel. We are looking for people with a desire to reach the unreached – the 80,000 Krung and Brao who are still waiting to hear.

We do wholistic ministry as a team (not necessarily as individuals) with the goal of building communities of disciples that impact local minority villages and the broader Cambodian society. Our ministry setting is in rural, church-based ministries with community outreaches through the local church within the Krung/Brao people group.



While God is growing His Kingdom here in Cambodia, the church is still young and in need of resources, training and equipping. Our team is involved in several of these interchurch ministries such as teaching at the Phnom Penh Bible School, translating for the Fount of Wisdom Christian Publishing House, providing radio programs for New Life Radio, involvement in missional research at MK2021, supporting TEE (Theological Education by Extension) and others. Christ prayed for our unity so that the world would know that He was sent from the Father (John 17). We believe as an interdenominational, multinational organization, OMF is positioned to promote unity within Christ’s body.

international school

International Schools

Teachers help drive mission forward throughout Cambodia by teaching at international schools in Phnom Penh and in provincial centers, influencing the lives of Third Culture Kids and supporting families where God has called them.



God continues to bless JVC with opportunities to impact communities through its various ministries: members growing in their love for and understanding of God in the main Toul Seng Kei church and several daughter congregations across three provinces, students reached through dorm ministries and on-campus outreaches, children hearing about Christ through the three branches of the International Christian School of Cambodia, and other churches encouraged and built up through the missional heart of the fellowship.



Our newest location, we are at the early stages of building relationships and sharing the good news about Jesus, as well as teaching English to local officials.

Siem Reap

Siem Reap

Siem Reap town is the gateway to Angkor, the renown ancient city and temple complex. It is rapidly becoming more urban as tourism swells. But the landscape quickly turns to countryside outside the city limits.

Presently, the team is made up of health care, university student and church workers. Some teams are ministering in the city, while others travel to the countryside. While we’re all doing different things, our vision is the same – to see Christ glorified through the transformed hearts and lives of the Khmer people in Siem Reap province.



Snoul 38 describes our vision to see a community of disciples in each of the 38 rural villages in Snoul district, Kratie province. To that end, our team is making every effort to share the Gospel with the Khmer in this largely unreached district. A literacy and library project serve as community entry points to build good relationships with the local authorities and villagers. Up to this point there is still very little interest in the Gospel. But the Holy Spirit is changing that through the prayers of many.



Our heart is to introduce university and senior high school students to Christ and encourage them forward – growing in their faith and developing their gifts and leadership abilities for the local church and His kingdom. We are part of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) – a student movement which spans over 150 nations, engaging university campuses with the Gospel of Christ and training a new generation of leaders for the church and society. Our local movement, the Fellowship of Evangelical Students – Cambodia (FES-C), includes missionary support from several different organizations plus local Khmer staff workers ministering on multiple campuses in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

Steung Treng

Stung Treng

To see disciples following Christ in every aspect of life and multiplying throughout Stung Treng,
We have been partnering with the local Department of Education to teach English in the local high school, focusing on civil servants and students, and have started a discipleship group among students from the Regional Teacher Training College and Regional Nursing Training College.

Support Team

Support Team

All this work is supported by a team of OMFers and national staff who give leadership and direction, handle finance, deal with recruitment and training, provide primary health and education advice, give pastoral care and running the Team Centre.


Urban Poor

Although there are congregations in all the major cities, the poor and outcast often do not feel welcome in the church.  Society generally looks down on those living in the poorest communities such as prostitutes, transvestites and people with addictions of many kinds: alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc.  They need people with loving hearts to bring them to Jesus, who is able to change their lives!

OMF’s  ministry among the urban poor is named ‘Hope for Life’ ministries, a holistic church-planting ministry among the urban poor in the Stung Meanchey area of Phnom Penh.  The Urban Poor team is involved in church planting and has its own project that is addressing social, physical and emotional needs in the community, in partnership with other like minded organizations.

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