OMF Cambodia is looking for those who will be committed to long-term disciple-making in the church, in workplaces, and throughout society.

Whatever our diverse roles – in church, in a workplace environment, or in the local community – our common purpose is to evangelize the people of Cambodia, to make disciples who have a heart to submit to the Lordship of Christ in every area of their lives, and to build up the Church – all by the grace of God and for the glory of God!

Isn’t the Church in Cambodia growing?

Yes! And the Task is Unfinished. 98% of Cambodian people are without the hope of Christ. 75% of Cambodia’s 14,000 villages arewithout any Christian witness. The need is great, the field is ripe, and the door to serve is still OPEN!

What are the focus areas for Cambodia?

  • Church Planting in unreached, rural areas Minority Ministry (Vietnamese, Brao/Krung, WC)
  • Church Planting amongst the Urban Poor and other neglected peoples
  • Professionals in Ministry – including serving in Government institutions, Health-related fields, and Academics
  • Equipping the Church to reach out and care for the Mentally Ill and their families
  • Equipping the Church with solid theological understanding
  • Training, partnering with and mobilizing local Christians into mission

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Serve Asia: Short-Term Mission in Cambodia

Serve Asia is OMF’s short-term mission program.  It offers opportunities to both individuals and groups, providing one-week to one-year placements with a view towards longer commitment.

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