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An area in need of spiritual breakthrough

Far to the north-east of Phnom Penh, on the border with Vietnam, lies the district of  Snoul,  where  OMF  has  been  working  since  2006.  It all  started  when  the Ministry  of  Education  asked  our  workers  in  Kratie  to  help  support  rural  primary school teachers there. Daniel and Wei Wei  arrived in 2008 to focus on church planting as well as education. There were at that time Christians among minority  peoples  but  very  few  among  the  Khmer.

However,  Daniel  met  a  local believer, Bu Ruah, who had been praying for many years for someone to come and  teach  him  from  the  Bible.  Later Wei  Wei  could  start  discipling  Srey  Leang who had first heard the Gospel through this Khmer man. Srey Leang has had much opposition to her faith from neighbours and family, but has  remained  strong.  Her  father,  who  was  strongly  opposed  to  her  faith  and therefore treated her very differently from her siblings, recently died. Srey Leang nursed him when he was ill and before he died he accepted Jesus. One of Srey Leang’s  neighbors  observed  her  care  for,  and  witness  to,  her  father  in  his  last days  and  now  she  believes  in  Jesus  too. 

She  has  since  experienced  Jesus overcoming  her  nightmares;  they  have  now  completely stopped,  to  the amazement of all her neighbours who were used to being woken by her screams! However, there remains a  need for a spiritual breakthrough in this place where still only a handful of Khmer believe. There are many who hear but feel they could not be the first in their village to convert.

The team were soon also  asked to run a library  project alongside the literacy  work; two of the libraries  were in communes with no Christian presence at all. Within  two years the local officials in these two communes allowed Christian  books  into  the  new  libraries.  Our  literacy  projects,  mobile  library  and  teacher  training  help  build relationships  within  the  community and  serve  as  bridges  for  outreach.  In  2012 Nathan  and  Brianna with their children joined the team.

We thank God for this growth in personnel: please pray that the Lord would work through them to make inroads for the Gospel and for God’s Spirit to flow like a river across the red dusty soil of Snoul.

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