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Amazing Grace

Granny May

Granny May is 92 this year. May is a kind, hard-working country woman. She had never been to school and could not read. She has four sons and three daughters. Her husband died early, leaving her to raise seven children alone. At that time she particularly put her trust in the gods of the altar in her home, acting as a medium providing spiritual guidance and healing in return for payment and using the income to raise her family.

Her children married and moved away to urban areas in search of work. While she was still healthy she insisted on continuing to live alone in her house in the mountains. After her third daughter became a Christian she introduced May to a local pastor who visited her and shared the gospel with her. During a time when she was struggling, Granny May, had been to church to collect free flour and was grateful for their care. So when the pastor asked if she wanted to believe she said she did, even though she had no clear understanding of the gospel.

The Fall

At the age of 88 she had a fall and damaged her legs which effected her mobility. She lived with either her eldest or third son, moving regularly between the two homes. I was able to visit Granny May to tell her bible stories and sing hymns. She was happy for me to pray for her and would join in with an “Amen” at the end. One day when I had just finished telling the story of the fall of mankind she interrupted with the question, “Why was that person treated so badly? Why did they do that to him? Why nail him like that?” As she spoke she stretched out her arms to show what she meant saying, “How sad, how sad!”

Granny May was not familiar with Christian terminology. She had seen a vision of Jesus nailed to a cross but did not know it was Jesus or what to call the cross. I quickly explained to her who Jesus was, why he had died on the cross and about his death, resurrection and ascension. Later that day I called her third daughter who was shocked and moved, saying that her mother had never been to a church service or seen a film of Jesus’ life, so it really was God’s amazing grace that He had granted her a vision of Jesus on the cross.


Granny May is willing to believe in Jesus as her saviour. But there are two things still bothering her that she needs prayer to overcome. First, though it is a long time since she has actively worshipped idols, she is hesitant to fully make the break from the idols that she relied on in the past. Second, though four of her children have become Christians, the two sons that she lives with are not yet believers. As she is living in their homes, she feels she should fit in with their beliefs, and has been reluctant to be baptised. May the Lord continue to guide her, giving joy and courage to openly witness to her family so that more of them will be saved and God be glorified.

Lucy Eastwood – Taiping

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