Sending Christians Globally

Sending is a team activity. We partner with churches, local organisations and other mission agencies to place people to serve.

OMF New Horizons

The New Horizons team are responsible for countries shaded in green.

We believe that God is at work on behalf of East Asia’s peoples in sending contexts in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

OMF New Horizons is a global team seeking mutually beneficial partnerships in countries without an OMF sending center.

We work in partnership with mission agencies and churches in newly engaged sending contexts to see an unhindered flow of fervent prayer and willing workers skilfully contributing to movements of God amongst East Asia’s peoples.

Partnering in Mission

We have a growing global network of sending partners in India, Latin America, Africa and Europe. These sending partnerships enable us to send people from places where we don’t have an established OMF sending base. All of these partnerships enable us to see the good news of Jesus Christ shared with East Asia’s people. Some OMF partner organisations around the world include:

Is OMF the right mission agency for me?

We are looking for people with skills in bible teaching, healthcare, IT, media and more. Our global team is made up of families, couples and singles. If God has called you, there's a place for you.​​​​​​​

We equip our workers to develop strong language and culture skills, so they can be at home and effective in their ministry context.

Effectiveness over the long term requires wholistic support, so we have a strong focus on the care and development of our workers. This support is made possible through our established local teams, facilities and leadership.

Training & Development

We prioritise the wellbeing & wholistic development of our workers. Everybody in OMF has the opportunity to participate in training courses and workshops. This varies according to the length of commitment made to serve with OMF. The goal of all training is to facilitate growth of relationship with Christ, as well as cultural intelligence and sensitivity to the people among whom we serve.

OMF missionaries typically spend their first four years in training – their whole first term. This shows East Asians that we love their culture, we love their language, we want to understand them, and we want to hear their heartbeat. Our desire is to share the good news of Jesus Christ, but we want them to see that it is their good news, not our imposed news.

One-month Orientation Course in Singapore or online​​​​​​​

This is the final preparation for those going mid-term and long-term. The course provides the time and space for mental, spiritual and practical preparation. We find it helps with the transition to serving in East Asia.

There is also an opportunity to meet the international leaders, medical advisors, IT specialists, training, and others providing support services.

Candidates Course in your sending country

Training takes place in the candidate's home country, or virtually with opportunities to meet the OMF team. Learn more about who OMF is as well as what is expected of our candidates. Included in this training is how to build up a support network of churches and mission partners. Each step of the journey in becoming a missionary will include prayer and support from our team.

We expect individuals to also journey closely with their churches throughout this whole time. Short-term workers will also attend a training course before their placement.

OMF combines language and worldview learning into one training. We call this Daniel Learning (Daniel 1:3-4). This phase will have the following:

A Language and Culture Facilitator: Someone to journey with you in your Daniel Learning.

A Learning Plan: A realistic plan to guide your learning of language and culture.

Learning in Community: Learning from-and-with the host people.

Assessment: Various ways of measuring progress in learning.

To encourage ongoing development we offer training topics and courses such as:

- Mobilisation
- Teaching & Preaching Across Cultures
- Church Planting
- Teamwork & Strategy ​​​​​​​
- Coaching
- Creation Care
We desire every team member to be equipped as an influencer.

All of us have a God-given capacity and responsibility to influence others to grow in God's purposes for them --whether as a leader, one who inspires mission engagement, an evangelist or a facilitator of a Bible study group.

Families and Children

What is a Third Culture Kid?

Third Culture Kids are those who spend a significant part of their childhood away from their parents’ passport culture. This has a profound impact on their sense of identity and belonging. We care for and equip families by providing resources, encouragement and educational support while advocating for TCKs in line with the vision of OMF.

I am reminded of the story of another man in the Bible who was also a TCK. He was born in Bethlehem, became a refugee in Egypt as a baby, spent his youth in Nazareth, and travelled vastly in the last three years of his life. Although he was known as Jesus of Nazareth…

TCK Advisors are available in both sending and receiving countries to provide ongoing support, discuss concerns, schooling options, and the needs of the family. An intentional age-appropriate program is provided during the new worker's orientation course to help children cope with transitions, appreciate other cultures, deal positively with emotions, and feel valued as part of the OMF family.

Young adults are included in financial support, administration etc. up to age 24. All TCKs whose parents have served with OMF are considered part of the OMF family.
OMF has continued to develop awareness, support and training to better care for the missionary family. A comprehensive Child Safety Policy is a key part of the Members’ Handbook and all members sign a document stating that they will abide by the Handbook which includes mandatory child safety training for all OMF workers. All those who work with children are required to undergo extra screening.

Medical Care & Wellbeing

Medical care for our workers is provided by a network of Medical Advisors. These advisors are supported by an International Medical Team based in Singapore. Physical, mental and emotional health is important to us and we offer:

Screening, Medical Advice, Counselling, and Insurance advice and support

“Good medical care seeks to enable workers to serve more effectively and longer, enhancing health and minimising attrition. To provide good medical member care, wise stewardship must be exercised.”

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