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A Prized Possession

In the Philippines Tom and Jill travel around the island of Samar amongst the Waray Waray people.

Their methodology is simple; on arriving at a village they gather people together and tell Bible stories in chronological order. After attending six lessons, the listeners get a copy of the Bible in Waray Waray – a prized possession.

At a village with 85 eager listeners, one woman looked downcast. When prompted, she revealed that she had treasured the Bible she had been given and found God speaking to her through it, but her Father had burned it. “Take another Bible to keep at a friend’s house,” suggested Jill but the woman forlornly replied, “But I have already had my one Bible”. Hope was soon restored when Jill presented her with a replacement.

Sarah McKibben, OMF Philippines

Originally published in OMF UK Billions Magazine Jan – Apr 2013.

Will you pray for the Philippines?


  • Thank God for how he is able to speak through His word and into the hearts of the Waray Waray people.
  • Pray for God’s protection over new Christians within tribal communities who may face resistance from family and other community members.

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