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A Game, New Friendships, and a Gospel Message

Every year, a Christmas carnival is held in Ramkhamheng University at the end of the year for students. It is organised by the Christian club and involves different Christian organisations and churches, including the Thai Christian Students association (TCS). We set up stalls giving out food and drinks, gospel tracts, lucky draw tickets and different games that the students can participate in.

This year, TCS was tasked to be in charge of a game stall. It was a game where students had to find out the correct path that leads them to baby Jesus. Each time they stepped on the wrong square, they would have to go back to the beginning, and their team would have to remember which were the correct squares they stepped on.

We were part of the team with TCS and were very busy the whole evening explaining the game and making sure that the students were playing it correctly.

The game was more fun if you played it with a team of 3-5 people, so we grouped strangers together so that they could form a team.

After a team of male students who just met each other played together, they started talking and became friends. One of us saw that they stepped to the side and continued chatting even after their turn was over. Although they had just met, they had many things to talk about, and one of the students who was a Christian started sharing the gospel with his new friend.

I was so encouraged to see that. Through a simple game in a Christmas carnival, someone got to hear the gospel in such a way. Even though there was a Christmas skit and a gospel message on the big stage at the carnival, it is so much more personal to have someone share one on one with you.

Pray for the student who heard the gospel, and for all who came to the carnival, that their hearts will be softened and that the gospel seed will take root and grow, and eventually each person will be brought to Christ.

Written by Cherlyn Oh

Cherlyn is an OMF missionary involved in student ministry in Bangkok

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