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How Christians Used 3D Printing to Change a Child’s Life

10-year-old Ken was badly burned when playing with fire on a hill near his home. He was in a coma for ten days. He sustained burns over 90 per cent of his body.  When my colleagues met him, all his fingers were burned off.  There were large skin grafts on his torso and legs.  He had been lying in bed for three months.  Ken is from a poor family and only has his father to care for him and no extended family nearby. So after eight months in hospital, Ken’s dad had run out of money to pay for more treatment

They had no choice but to go home.  At that time, Ken could only manage a few steps.  How could he go to school?  Since his father didn’t think that schooling was very important, Ken stayed home and did nothing.

Fortunately, a short-term medical team from overseas arrived in a neighboring city.  The team was able to see have Ken and we also introduced him to the local Christian community. During my time back in the US, I started looking into the possibility of making a pair of hand prostheses for Ken using 3D printing technology.  Praise the Lord, I found free access to 3D printers at my local library!  My church youth group helped assemble the parts to make the hands.

It was amazing to provide the 3D printed hands for Ken. There are still some technical issues with the design. But the rehabilitation students I teach have been working on designing a better prosthesis.

Ken still has a long way to go.  He will need continual surgery to treat his burns and rehabilitation to recover physical mobility, but with the help of local brothers and sisters helping care for the family, God’s love and care for Ken is on display.

The author teaches prosthetics and orthotics at a local university in China.

Above: The youth group help assemble the 3D printed hand.

Below: The finished prosthesis.

Will you pray for China?

Give thanks for how Christians were able to help Ken in his time of need.

Pray for Christians helping others, that this would be a witness to you.

Pray that through this witness, those who are hurting will come to God as their source of hope and healing.

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