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Trusting God with the Growth

I am sitting in our garden three days before our move to Bangkok. There is apprehension in my heart. No, not about what lies ahead, but rather for the people my wife and I leave behind in the South. People we have shared the gospel with, walked alongside, answered their questions about the God who created the world and loves us, given them questions to ponder on and encouraged them with bible verses from time to time. Many of them have not accepted Christ yet.

In this lies the apprehension. Who will keep them focused on wanting to learn more about Jesus? Who will answer their questions? Some we have been able to connect with other believers to walk alongside them, but not all.

As I was pondering this I looked up and saw three orchid plants. When we moved into this house 10 months ago, they were a clump of dry brown leaves. I thought they were dead, but when I watered the garden once in a while, I would make sure to water the orchids too. It is only as I saw them today that I was amazed that they are green and growing and will soon start sending out a long shoot that will bear flowers. I did what I could, but God did the miracle of transforming the plant to thriving and healthy.

I will not see the flowers, just as I may not see the transformation of people’s lives whom my wife and I have planted seeds of the Gospel in their hearts. We will continue to pray for them and trust in God to transform their lives. God reminded me today we need to do what we can, we need to be obedient to him and we need to trust God in completing the work he started in people’s lives until completion. (Philippians 1:6)

Written by Bruce Bartleet

Bruce is an OMF missionary who has served in South Thailand for more than 7 years. He and his family recently moved to Bangkok where they continue to serve God.

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