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2023 in books: notable releases on creation care

OMF seeks to share the good news of Jesus Christ in all its fullness with the people of East Asia. So creation care is an integral part of the gospel we share as we introduce people to Jesus, the Lord of all creation. It’s part of loving our neighbours and loving our Creator.

We wanted to highlight a selection of key releases in the area of creation care you might have missed.* It’s not an exhaustive list, but they cover a range of different Christian perspectives on the topic.

Lam Kuo Yung, Leow Wen Pin and Dennis Tan, Creation Care and the Gospel

Armor Publishing, Singapore.

An exciting new release out of Singapore in the form of a primer on creation care from a pastor (Rev. Kuo-Yung Lam), theologian (Ps. Wen-Pin Leow), and a geospatial analyst (Dennis Tan).

In just 52 pages, the book gives an introduction to a theology of creation care and an exploration of what creation care can look like as part of our personal discipleship, and importantly, in our churches.

The book is the first volume in the Asian Resources for Ministry series, which is written by and for Asian Christians.
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Athena E. Gorospe, God’s story of life: Themes for an Asian Creation Care Ethics

A chapter in Asian Christian Ethics: Evangelical Perspectives, edited by Aldrin Peñamora and Bernard Wong. Langham Publishing

This is an important chapter in a helpful new book from Langham Publishing, which explores a range of key ethical issues from an Asian Christian perspective.

Athena E. Gorospe is professor and chair of biblical studies and director of the PhD in Contextual Theology program at Asian Theological Seminary in Manila, Philippines.

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Debra Rienstra, Refugia Faith: Seeking Hidden Shelters, Ordinary Wonders and the Healing of the Earth

Fortress Press

The publisher’s description introduces this title, ‘Refugia Faith: Seeking Hidden Shelters, Ordinary Wonders, and the Healing of the Earth explores how Christian spirituality and practice must adapt to prepare for life on a climate-altered planet.

Refugia (reh-FU-jee-ah) is a biological term describing places of shelter where life endures in times of crisis, such as a volcanic eruption, fire, or stressed climate. Ideally, these refugia endure, expand, and connect so that new life emerges.

Debra Rienstra applies this concept to human culture and faith, asking, In this era of ecological devastation, how can Christians become people of refugia? How can we find and nurture these refugia, not only in the biomes of the earth, but in our human cultural systems and in our spiritual lives? How can we apply all our love and creativity to this task as never before?’

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Kristen Page, The Wonders of Creation: Learning Stewardship from Narnia and Middle-Earth
IVP Academic

In perhaps the most innovative creation care book we’ve seen, biologist Kristen Page wonders whether looking into fictional worlds might give us a deeper appreciation for our own.

The publisher, IVP Academic, notes: ‘often as we enter these fictional worlds as readers, we eventually return to our world refreshed with sharpened insight. … Page explores the beloved fictional landscapes of Narnia and Middle-earth in order to discover what we might learn about real-life landscapes and how to become better stewards of God’s good creation.’

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Carmen Joy Imes, Being God’s Image: Why Creation Still Matters

IVP Academic

From the publisher: ‘Carmen Joy Imes seeks to recover the theologically rich message of the creation narratives starting in the book of Genesis as they illuminate what it means to be human. Every human being is created as God’s image. Imago Dei is our human identity, and God appointed humans to rule on God’s behalf. Being God’s Image explores the implications of this kinship relationship with God and considers what it means for our work, our gender relations, our care for creation, and our eternal destiny. The Bible invites us into a dramatically different quality of life: a beloved community in which we can know God and one another as we are truly known.’

Carmon Joy Imes is Associate Professor of Old Testament at Biola University.

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Miranda Harris & Jo Swinney, A Place at the Table: Faith, Hope and Hospitality

Hodder & Stoughton

The publisher introduces this book: ‘At a time when loneliness and isolation have reached unprecedented levels, it has never been more important for Christians to embrace the practice of hospitality. For many, it is a lost art – a practice we have forgotten, neglected or distorted beyond all recognition. Amid material comforts and rife individualism, practising hospitality can often hold unrealistic expectations and insurmountable pressure. But what if the practice of hospitality was simpler and yet more profound than we imagined?

From the simple act of preparing vegetables to the warm welcome of a stranger, co-authors Miranda Harris and her daughter Jo Swinney re-define hospitality for the modern age. Drawing on biblical insights and a deep well of experience – most significantly within the community in the A Rocha family – this is a warm invitation to embrace the loving kindness of others. To be hospitable doesn’t require culinary excellence or matching cutlery – it doesn’t even require a home of one’s own; true hospitality offers a welcome into imperfection and messiness, a place to belong and be embraced.’

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Dave Bookless & Renew our World, Making a World of Difference

Making a World of Difference

This short book was launched at the end of the COP28 climate talks in 2023. In three sections it explores the world we live in, the Bible’s big story and concludes with looking at what this means for the church. There is Bible teaching on topics such as the climate and nature emergencies.

Making A World of Difference was produced by Renew Our World, a global movement of Christians who work towards a more fair and sustainable world. Reverend Doctor Dave Bookless is the lead author Director of Theology for A Rocha International, Catalyst for Creation Care for the Lausanne Movement, and a Board member for Renew Our World. The book has been informed, shaped and revised by Christians from different denominations and continents across the world.

The book is available as a free download through the Tearfund website.

*We share these resources for your interest. They represent the opinions of the various authors and should not be interpreted as necessarily representing the views of OMF International.


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