Taiwan – Serving the Working Class


Taiwan Fast Facts:

Location: Southeast Asia near China, Japan, Philippines

Population: 23 million (15 million working-class)

Major cities: Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung

Climate: Marine-tropical

Geography: Mountains in the east, plains in the west

Languages: Taiwanese, Mandarin


  • 93% combination of folk religions, Buddism, Confucianism, Taoism
  • 4.5% Christian + Catholic
  • 2.5% other
  • Working class:  0.1% Christian

Government: Democratic

Industries: Electronics, IT products, petroleum refining, textiles

Known for: wonderful food, friendly people

God is moving in Taiwan

We are a group of about 60 people from more than a dozen nations. We seek to share the gospel with individuals, care for the hurting and establish growing churches among Taiwan’s unreached majority—the working class.  We are here because most people in Taiwan have no idea of the hope that Jesus Christ offers to them. This is especially true of the working class—the vast majority of whom are in bondage to idolatry and superstition and the destruction these bring.

Latest Stories

  • Seeing the need for the gospel in the rural areas of Taiwan, my husband and I moved out to the countryside in Chiayi County to begin church planting in 2010. When we first moved in to our village of over 1000 households, surrounded by farm fields and factories, people were suspicious of us. Why were […]
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  • In order to farewell me into my retirement, last Saturday 7th March, the Christian Fellowship at Jung Hsing University held a reunion of students from the last 25 years. For me it was a very happy occasion, seeing how God is using so many of them, in their churches, work, families, and even in mission. […]
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  • “Church planting is easy!” proclaimed a Taiwanese church planting co-worker, “You just open your heart; open your door; and open your refrigerator!” This co-worker is now a key leader in the Hengchun Bible Church, a house church started in 2002. OMF missionaries are at present involved in nine church planting efforts around the island.  Each […]
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  • A year and a half ago I moved to Taiping and joined ministry with the Taiping team, alongside taking on the role of New Workers Supervisor. One of my regular ministry commitments has been joining with other Taiping team members in helping at a weekly Friday Youth Night. During the time with the youth we […]
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  • December 2014 My language teacher has been teaching Mandarin to foreigners for about 10 years. She has had many missionary students and heard many things from the Bible, but she has yet to believe in Jesus. When I said I wanted to learn to tell Bible stories so that I could share them with friends […]
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