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As a global community, celebrating 150 years, we felt the growing need to express our vision and values in the same way visually, wherever in the world you to come in to contact with us.

Our visual identity in colour, shape and typography draws from our rich history, expresses core values and shares our hopes for the ways God might use us in the future.

We share the good news of Jesus Christ in all its fullness with the peoples of East Asia to the glory of God.

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We share the good news of Jesus Christ in all its fullness with the peoples of East Asia to the glory of God.



Lim Family – Missionary Kids

The idea for this video update came up from a day when Sam was having a date with Aniya and they were talking about life in North Thailand. Aniya’s honesty and candid look at her transitions prompted Sam to follow it up with a video recording of a conversation with her. The interview is not scripted, not rehearsed and Aniya didn’t know what questions were going to be asked. It was a simple father and daughter conversation, but it opened a window to understanding the life of a MISSIONARY KID.

“In terms of preparing children for life, parents are the primary educators. School can’t substitute for the home in building values, developing healthy attitudes, and motivating children in positive directions.” David Pollock


Christmas Sale 2015

Visit our book corner at 2 Cluny Road Singapore 259570 or call us at 65103130 to find out more about the book sale (in commemoration of OMF’s 150th Anniversary).




This third English-language anniversary book is a volume of stories that traces the development of God’s work in different places where OMF workers served after the CIM missionaries withdrew from China. Ten areas have been selected, and in each case we feature contributions from three generations, demonstrating the way in which God has inspired, empowered and sustained an indigenous movement. While each article stands alone as a wonderful example of, and testimony to the fact that “God gives growth”, the beauty of this book is the rich tapestry that is created across areas and generations when they are put together.

We pray that God will use these stories to inspire readers of different generations, backgrounds and experience. We pray that they will encourage and bless those who are familiar with OMF (and may be faithful supporters), as well as those who are totally unfamiliar with OMF. Wherever readers are in their journey towards understanding God’s heart for the nations, we know that he can use this book to strengthen their faith in the God of all generations – the One who can use five loaves and two fishes offered humbly to him to feed thousands of people!

grasping_heavens_mediumGRASPING HEAVEN

Grasping Heaven is a story of faith, courage and a remarkable sense of humour. It chronicles the life journey of Dr. Tami Fisk – a young lady doctor from Denver, Colorado. Her journey led her to carry out pioneer work among the Yi minority in the Great Cold Mountains of West China. She served in this land for three years before she was diagnosed with cancer, cutting short her promising time in China.


Dr John Sung, “the greatest evangelist China has ever known”, was born in Fukien in 1901 – and by the time he died at the age of 42, many Christians and churches had experienced incredible revival because of him. His ministry lasted just 15 years, but produced fruit that has endured to this day.

This new 2015 edition of A Biography of John Sung commemorates the eightieth anniversary of Sung’s visits to Singapore in 1935, and includes never-before-published accounts and testimonies of how great the work of God he ignited continues a century later.


The first Adult Asian MK Gathering was held in April 2012 in Chiangmai, Thailand. Eleven missionary kids (MKs) from seven different Asian countries (namely Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Taiwan and the Philippines) gathered to share their stories about growing up as MKs. At the two-day gathering, these MKs also held ground-breaking discussions on the distinctiveness of being an Asian MK and suggested ways in which parents, schools, churches and mission organizations could nurture healthy MKs.

This book brings together the stories of 17 MKs, including those who were at the Chiangmai Gathering. They share honestly about the joys and challenges of growing up as Asian MKs. MKs from Korea, Hong Kong and India who have taken up the baton in MK care also share testimonies of their involvement in MK care in their home countries. Although Asia has a relatively short history in MK care, it is exciting to hear MK care personnel from seven Asian countries share on the development and challenges in  the ministry.

This is not only a compilation of MK stories but also a written record that testifies to the goodness of God’s grace for our Asian missionary families. It is indeed a landmark in the Asian mission history!  May God use this book to encourage Asian missionary families who are currently serving around the world and allow them to see that our Lord is faithful, and that there are people who care. At the same time, may this book help to raise awareness among Asian churches to care for MKs and challenge them to invest more in nurturing these precious third culture children.


God’s Faithfulness, Stories from the China Inland Mission and OMF is a unique anthology of forty CIM and OMF International missionary stories, which testify powerfully to the faithfulness of God throughout the 150 years of our history. The stories originate from workers in almost all of the countries where we have teams today.



This book is an anthology of stories focused on family life in cross-cultural contexts.

The stories in the book describe ways in which the presence, the provision and the protection of God was experienced in very real and personal ways by 29 missionary families.

They are inspiring, moving, sobering, challenging and encouraging.  Most of them describe first-hand experiences, written by those for whom these stories are part of their family history.

We thank God for each one, and pray that their testimonies to God’s faithfulness will inspire young and old alike.



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We are looking for men or women, who have a passion for our Lord Jesus Christ and to see His Gospel preached to the nations, transforming lives and making disciples for the glory of God, to join the team of our Singapore National Office.

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