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Take Steps Missions Weekend 2015

Take Steps

What is a calling?
How can I know if I am really called to the mission field?
What makes a missionary?
How can I decide if I should go short-term or long-term?
What are the requirements of a missions agency?
How long does it take to become a missionary?
How can I prepare myself and seek confirmation?
How can I know if I will survive on the field?


If these are some of the questions you are asking, let us journey through these questions with you step-by-step.
The programme will start on the 9th October 2015 evening.
Sign up for Take STEPS Missions Weekend October 2015 today by filling the application form above and mailing them with the cost to OMF Singapore Ltd. See you there!
Email for more information.
25th September 2015 is the closing date for registration.


October OMF Prayer Meeting – Serve Asia Special

OPM Oct 2015

October is our Serve Asia* Special. We have invited some speakers to share with us their experiences and journey while serving on the field. If you are interested in our short-term missions, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to hear our Serve Asia Workers (SAWs) sharing in 3 different countries!

*Serve Asia is OMF’s short-term missions discipleship programme.

We seeks to journey with participants towards growth in Christ-likeness and involvement in God’s Kingdom work in East Asia.
We provide opportunities for participants to grow, learn and serve alongside our long-term missionaries on the field.
Serve Asia placements can range from 2 weeks to 11 months under the supervision of OMF missionaries on the field.
It is flexible to fit your schedule and ministry type and we welcome individuals or church teams.

Refined for the Future

As a global community, celebrating 150 years, we felt the growing need to express our vision and values in the same way visually, wherever in the world you to come in to contact with us.

Our visual identity in colour, shape and typography draws from our rich history, expresses core values and shares our hopes for the ways God might use us in the future.

We share the good news of Jesus Christ in all its fullness with the peoples of East Asia to the glory of God.

Read more about our new visual identity

We share the good news of Jesus Christ in all its fullness with the peoples of East Asia to the glory of God.

Our Mission

As part of an international body of more than 1400 members from 40 nations reaching 100 people groups in East Asia, OMF Singapore is committed to mobilise Singaporeans for the urgent evangelisation of East Asia’s millions.

Join us in praying for OMF’s work, going to Asia, supporting OMF workers and promoting OMF’s work among East Asians.



Go. Grow. Envision More.
Find your place in God’s mission.
Join a Serve Asia trip from 2 weeks to 11 months.


Has God placed a country, people or ministry on your heart?
Do you feel called to serve Him cross-culturally?
Explore long-term opportunities with OMF.

Local Opportunities

We are looking for men or women, who have a passion for our Lord Jesus Christ and to see His Gospel preached to the nations, transforming lives and making disciples for the glory of God, to join the team of our Singapore National Office.

  • Communications Coordinator
  • Serve Asia and Young Adults Mobilisation Coordinator

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