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God’s love for the working class

Taiwan is a colorful, vibrant and open society. But underneath the modern facade there is a dark side of superstition, fear, idolatry and spiritual oppression.  OMF works to bring the hope of the Gospel to these deeply religious people and has a wide variety of ministries serving among Taiwan’s unreached working class and urban poor.

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Population: 23 million

Chinese: 96.2%, Aboriginal: 1.7%, Other 2.1%

Religions: Chinese Religions 60.7% , Buddhist 28.8%,

Christian 5.8% (Evangelicals: 2.8%), Non Religious 2.3%, Other 2.4%

Taiwan is a small but strategic island near the southeastern coast of China. Its people are mostly ethnic Chinese whose ancestors migrated at various times over the last 300 years.

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Urgent Needs

There is an immediate need for a Medical Adviser to provide medical counsel and care for missionaries serving in Taiwan. Read about the challenges and joys of a Medical Adviser in this testimony: The ministry of a Medical Adviser.pdf

Read about other urgent current ministry opportunities .

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